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When Income Tax Cuts Masquerade as Estate Tax Repeal

Guest Post: When Income Tax Cuts Masquerade As Estate Tax Repeal By Josh Hoxie Originally published in Forbes Right-wing Republican lawmakers will soon renew their push for a full repeal of the federal estate tax, an effort many years in the making. Beneath the façade of estate tax repeal is an income tax cut excusing…


A Real Plutocracy Prevention Act

Senator Sanders bill would put a brake on concentrated wealth By Chuck Collins  Originally published in the Huffington Post     In 2013, Casino mogul Sheldon Adelson used a system of trusts to funnel $8 billion in wealth to his heirs, dodging about $2.8 billion in estate taxes that would be due after his death. (Photo:…


Taxing the #RichKids

A reality TV show’s gaudy displays of wealth beg the question: How much is too much? By Josh Hoxie Originally published in Other Words  It doesn’t take long for viewers of #RichKids of Beverly Hills to realize the show is deliberately trying to make you feel poor. Watching heiresses in their mid-twenties drop more on…


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